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Mechanics of Materials

There are many building structures around you that you enjoy and use on a regular basis. Machines are used to build parts of these structures, as well as many tools and gadgets you use regularly. We want these structures and machines to work efficiently, as well as safely.

Understanding the varying abilities of building structures and machines to withstand the forces of everyday use and of the environment is integral to ensuring their safe use. In this Mechanics of Materials course we will explore how forces are applied and act over structures, as well as the ability of those materials to withstand said forces. Let's get started with the Introductory Tutorials.


When we think of fluids, we often think of water. Water acts in a very predictable way, but many other liquids do not. Moving on from how solids respond to various different types of forces in the Mechanics of Materials introductory tutorials (above), this series will cover the basics of how different liquids and semi-solids respond to forces.

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