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This is an introductory tutorial outlining fractions. The associated video tutorial is to come.


If you were to eat a slice from a cake cut into eight even slices, you will have eaten one eighth of the cake.

How do you express that eighth using numerical digits? You can do it three ways. The first is to use fractions.

What is a Fraction?

A fraction is a way of describing what proportion your slice was of the total cake. Fractions are made up of two numbers - a numerator and a denominator - separated by a line.

The numerator is the number that describes how many slices you've eaten. The denominator describes how many slices there were altogether in the cake.

An example

Your friend has eaten two slices of the same cake. What fraction would you use to describe how much of the cake they've eaten? Have a think, and then hover your mouse over the image below to check if you're correct.

Complementary Exercises

Below are some complementary exercises for you to work through in your own time to consolidate your understanding of how to write fractions (answers are included!). You can download the document here: